March 30-31, 2021 | Virtual Event

Dear NEMOA Community,

First off, I want to say: WE MISS YOU! A year ago, I never could have predicted that we would go a full year without one of our NEMOA Conferences.

My fellow board members and I truly cherish sharing ideas and catching up with all of you at our annual events. While we have greatly enjoyed keeping in touch via e-mail, webinars, and social channels, nothing matches the concentration of learning and engagement we have grown used to from our summits.

We all agree no matter what the future holds, none of us wants to go another year without a major NEMOA event.

Therefore, I am excited to announce that this March 30 – 31st The NEMOA Spring Summit will be back and it will be streaming right into the comfort of your own home. The 2021 NEMOA Spring Summit will be a fully virtual event.

I am not going to pretend I don’t wish we were all going to be getting together in person this spring, that would absolutely be our ideal choice. Unfortunately, the future course of this pandemic simply does not allow us to safely plan a traditional event.

The good news is that we have partnered with Momentum Events whose employees have decades of experience working with virtual event platforms and who have the knowledge and tools needed to maintain the high level of interaction, fun, and, of course, learning that you have come to expect from NEMOA. The event we are developing in partnership with Momentum will – we are sure – surprise and delight you while seamlessly delivering the high-quality content we all value.

You can look forward to more information regarding the program and speakers in the coming weeks, but for now, we ask that you mark your calendars for March 30 – 31st and take advantage of our extra early bird registration discounts.

NEMOA 2021 will not be the same NEMOA you have come to know, it will be even better!

Steve August
President NEMOA Board of Directors
VP of Marketing Road Scholar

Don’t know NEMOA? The NEMOA Spring Summit is not just for members. Anyone looking to reach customers and sell products via catalogs or online platforms will benefit from these two days of brand-centered content. Unlike many events that have streamlined all of their content towards digital marketing, NEMOA looks at print, online, and offline marketing opportunities to answer questions about customer identity resolution, data continuity, and optimizing every marketing dollar spent. You will leave NEMOA with a refreshed toolkit primed to reach today’s very distracted customers. Add to all this content one of the most experienced and creative event production teams in the industry and you simply will not find a more valuable marketing event to attend in 2021.



The NEMOA Summit experience is different because:
  • 1- We are intimate and inclusive, not overwhelming. We offer opportunities to connect face-to-face with peers and industry experts in a virtual setting.
  • 2- Relevant information on industry trends that is carefully curated for direct marketers
  • 3- A balance of niche expertise in print marketing with forward-thinking digital marketing insights
  • 4- Real-world case studies and actionable takeaways, not sales pitches
  • 5- Focus on attendees, responding to feedback and making improvements with every summit
  • 6- We are affordable. We offer travel-friendly schedules and locations, and we’re fun!


NEMOA’s conferences are the best events for direct marketers from across the country to share, learn and connect. We present two conferences each year, one in March and one in September. You’ll hear our industry’s top experts speak on a variety of topics including marketing, creative, merchandising, fulfillment, ecommerce and so much more! Also included are lively roundtable discussions and networking breaks where you can connect directly with colleagues to learn and share information about improving your business’ profitability.
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