March 30-31, 2021 | Virtual Event

All times EST
Last year, eCommerce marketers found themselves presented with an uniquely captive audience.  With nowhere to go and not much to do, consumers turned to online shopping in unprecedented numbers. Once travel, retail shopping and going out all begin to reclaim their share of wallet, how can eCommerce brands maintain and build on the growth experienced in 2020?

This session will:
  • Provide a clear understanding of the trends that shaped 2020
  • Delve into budgeting and planning strategies for post-2020 eCommerce
  • Offer a multi-brand perspective on what works to turn customers into fans

  • Jennifer Dumas, Director of Marketing, Hammacher Schlemmer

    While these have been trying times for many catalog companies and eTailers, there are certain tenets that remain relevant to how we engage with our customers. Questions like hardcopy vs. electronic channels and measurability remain at the forefront of many marketers.

    In this session, we will discuss the customer journey and look at powerful reasons why catalogs should be an integral part of your marketing strategy. We will cover recent research findings and tools for marketers to create engagement that connects and delivers – even during COVID.

    Catalogs remain one of the most effective marketing tools. This session is not about a competition between digital and print. It’s about engaging with customers that satisfies them and your company’s bottom line.

    Elke Reuning-Elliott, Director, Product Management Mail, USPS

    For these sessions, presenters will have the option to share a PDF and/or slide deck in advance so that attendees come to the roundtables informed and prepared for discussion.

    You can select one of these Roundtable Options:

    How to Connect with Post-2020 Shoppers: 5 Tactics You Can Implement Today

    2020 has changed the way we shop forever. Some experts say movement from offline to online shopping accelerated 10-years in just a matter of 8 weeks. Along with this dramatic shift are opportunities for marketers to stand out in a world of screen fatigue and brick-and-mortar inconvenience. Eric Knapp, Vice President of Quad Marketing Solutions and John Puterbaugh, Ph.D., Innovation & New Media at Quad, discuss trends and what marketers must do to quickly deliver deeper, more personal brand experiences.

    Eric Knapp, VP, Quad Marketing Solutions
    John Puterbaugh, Ph.D., Executive Director, Multichannel and Emerging Media, Quad

    Taking a Digital Approach to Direct Mail

    In this roundtable discussion learn how cutting edge D2C brands are taking lessons learned in the digital space and applying the same formulas for direct mail success.

    Jake Hoffman, Director of Data Solutions, Arandell

    Maximizing the ROI of Newly Acquired COVID Buyers

    Join Epsilon for an engaging brainstorming session on unique ways to leverage new buyers that were acquired during Covid. Understand importance of the differences in these new buyers and how they compare to your typical customer. Do you need to segment and market to them differently? We’ll review specific examples and tips & tricks for maximizing profitability. Exchange ideas with your peers and learn about the latest COVID research from our cooperative database.

    Jackie Marquis, Senior Vice President, Data Sales, Epsilon

    Beyond Demographics: Next Generation of Segmentation for Data-Driven Marketers

    Actionable, data-driven segmentation strategies can be a key differentiator for retailers to best understand and market to their best customers and prospects in real, authentic ways.Discussion to include some of the solutions available in the market to drive 1:1 personalization across all channels.

    Amy Carroll, Senior Client Services Director, Wiland

    SEO in 2021 and Beyond – Website Optimization in an Ever-Changing Landscape

    While 93% of online experiences start with search (e.g. Google, Bing), most web pages (91%) get NO search traffic. So while search is clearly vital to driving site visits, most sites are not optimized for search.

    During this session you will learn how Google is altering its highly complex search algorithms and what website owners and webmasters should do to ensure your company’s website is as SEO friendly and as compliant as possible.

    We will cover topics such as how to conduct an audit of your website’s SEO health, what tools are vital to have at your disposal, how to troubleshoot certain aspects of SEO and how to optimize your content for determining how Google and other search technologies will showcase search results in the future.

    Cyrus Karimi, VP, Search & Affiliate Marketing for Media Horizons

    In times of strife, many customers seek to make a positive impact with every action including with every purchase they make. Therefore, it has never been more important to develop and authentically express a brand mission and ethos beyond just selling products and making money.

    This session addresses
  • The business value of a clearly stated mission
  • Strategies for demonstrating your mission with your marketing
  • How to align your mission with your brand in ways that make sense to the customer

  • Jen-Ai Notman, Brand Activation & Mission, Leesa

    Track A – Catalog Essentials

    Track B – Ecommerce Growth

    Track A Session 1 – Catalogs 101 Part One
    The why and how of launching a print catalog in a digital-first age.

    Steve August, VP, Marketing, Road Scholar
    Dana Springfield, VP, Dover Saddlery
    Track B Session 1 – How you can succeed in an environment of rapid consumer behavior change
    Rooted in a comprehensive view of consumer behavior in 2020, Joe will talk about emerging opportunities to evolve your data, and test strategies to fuel your marketing plans. You’ll walk away with a solid understanding of momentum shifts that you can capitalize on to impact your success into the future.

    Joe Frick, Head of Partnership Development, Oracle Advertising

    Track A – Catalog Essentials

    Track B – Ecommerce Growth

    Track A Session 2 – Catalogs 101 Part Two
    The why and how of launching a print catalog in a digital-first age.

    Steve August, VP, Marketing, Road Scholar
    Dana Springfield, VP, Dover Saddlery
    Track B Session 2 – Content that Serves both Marketing and Merchandising
    Today’s customers expect consistent brand messaging across every interaction. Therefore eCommerce marketers and merchandisers must ensure the content tells a consistent brand story whether that be on site via e-mail or in the packaging itself when customers receive their orders.

    Craig Kapilow, Senior Director, Brand Partnerships and Integrated Marketing, Rue/Gilt Group

    Track A – Catalog Essentials

    Track B – Ecommerce Growth

    Track A Session 3 – Interactive Catalog Critique Session – Looking at Catalogs Like a Customer
    A live and interactive look at actual brand catalogs to assess what works and what doesn’t.
    Track B Session 3 – Measuring the Relationship Between Customer Lifetime Value and Acquisition Strategy

    Not all customers are created equal. An opportunistic shopper who takes advantage of a single big sale may be less likely to return to your brand over time and therefore may merit less of your marketing efforts than someone who promises to become a regular. During this session, marketing analytics experts will share data-driven tactics for increasing your overall CLV as it relates to your marketing acquisition strategy.

    Nick Antoniades, VP, CRM & Analytics, Ashley Stewart

    As digitally native D2C brands grow they need to look beyond their social media channels that may have been their initial marketing mainstays to a broader funnel. This approach not only helps brands reach new customers, but by integrating themselves into their customers lives across multiple channels these brands can also increase retention and loyalty.

    This keynote will address:
  • The value of shifting from a transactional to a brand-building marketing approach
  • How fostering Share of Heart pays off Over time
  • Where to look for new marketing opportunities beyond Instagram and Facebook

  • Jeremy Lowenstein, CMO, MeUndies
    All times EST
    For many, the inbox has become an overwhelming time suck. Therefore, using this convenient and inexpensive communication effectively for marketing can be very tricky. This session will

  • Present strategies to increase email opens and clicks
  • Offer ways to tie email into other marketing channels to make it more compelling
  • A/B testing to increase the impact of marketing messages

  • Jeff Sass , Chief Marketing Officer, Paw.com
    Timing is everything, especially when it comes to marketing. Customer journey mapping can often make the difference between offering a customer the right product at the right price right when they need it and promoting a price drop for an item that customer just ordered from your competitor.

    During this session:
  • Learn how to map the customer journey across channels
  • Gain skills for deciphering between over saturation and staying top of mind
  • Master analysis of buying behavior to know what message will result in a purchase

  • Laura Brodie, Director, Customer Lifecycle & Growth, Ritual

    For these sessions, presenters will have the option to share a PDF and/or slide deck in advance so that attendees come to the roundtables informed and prepared for discussion.

    You can select one of these Roundtable Options:

    Lessons from A Pandemic: Why You Should Own Your Customers

    Chris Carpenter, Owner & President, Royle Printing
    Wayne Doleski, Owner, Black Bee Marketing

    Engaging and Analyzing New Customers Acquired Over the Holiday Season

    Learn from an expert and discuss best practices for segmenting and marketing to new customers acquired over the holidays. Learn how to organize your customer data to gain deeper customer insights.

    Jake Hall, VP of Solutions Consulting, QuickPivot

    A New Playbook: The Pandemic Impact on 2021 Planning

    A year has passed since the world entered a pandemic filled with stay-at-home orders, job losses, and changing shopping behaviors. Join us for a roundtable discussion in how customer and prospect communication plans changed post-Covid in 2020 and how it may impact 2021. Is there a new playbook?

    Brian DeLaite, Vice President, Marketing Solutions, LS Direct

    The Next Marketing Channel

    With over 300+ DTC clients at Belardi Wong, we have unparalleled insight into which channels our clients are investing in and which are delivering the strongest results. As clients seek new channels to drive profitable acquisition, the traditional marketing mix has become fractured over many offline and online channels. In this roundtable, we will foster a discussion around what channels brands are currently investing in, which they are testing into for the first time, and those that have proved a valuable part of the marketing mix.

    Calla Murphy, VP, Digital & Integrated Marketing, Belardi Wong

    If you limit your selling opportunities to your own online store via your owned marketing channels you may be missing some big paths to increase income. Selling and promoting your products on other sites and platforms may turn out to be your most profitable options.

    This session offers

  • Strategies to work with as opposed to against major eCommerce sites
  • Partner marketing that extends your brand awareness in valuable ways
  • Tactics for controlling the customer experience outside of your own ecosystem

  • Veronica Armstrong , CEO & Co-Founder, Isle de Nature

    Track A Tapping into Direct Mail and Print

    Track B True Multi-Channel Digital Marketing

    Track A Session 4 – Value/Price Based Marketing Messaging
    It can be frustrating as a creative marketer to realize that none of your cool designs or innovative campaigns catch the attention of customers as much as a single powerful word – SALE. This session will address how to message and time price marketing for the greatest impact.
    Track B Session 4 – Mobile First Marketing via Push, Text and Apps
    Today’s customers have a point of contact in their hand almost all the time – their smartphones. How you reach your customers via push, text and apps makes all the difference between interactions that increase sales and irritating pings that trigger disengagement. The speakers in this session will share strategies for smarter smartphone marketing.

    Track A Tapping into Direct Mail and Print

    Track B True Multi-Channel Digital Marketing

    Track A Session 5 – Four Secrets to More Powerful Creative
    We’re all trying to sell something to someone. We have a great product, a great service, or a can’t-miss promotion that we want people to know about. We’ve decided to reach them through direct mail. But what should we say? What do we show? How do we stand out from all the other messages in the mailbox? And how do we do it in a matter of seconds? A smart strategy, a great mailing list and a stellar offer don’t mean anything if your creative execution is weak. There are certain creative secrets that have been proven through neuroscience that will increase the likelihood of your direct mail piece getting noticed and driving your customers to action. Simply following these four powerful recommendations will increase your chances of success. Good creative matters. Find out the secrets of how to do it.

    Shanie Cunningham, Head of US Marketing & Trade, Boden
    Brent Niemuth, President & Partner, J. Schmid
    Track B Session 5 – Identity Resolution: Building the Backbone of Modern Day Marketing
    Curious about how Identity Resolution is different from the current data-driven digital and direct marketing capabilities you’re already implementing? Learn from two industry experts as they explore easy-to-implement uses of Identity Resolution. They’ll share simple techniques to amplify the value of your customer and prospect file, connect consumers across channels (such as how to reach B2B individuals as B2C individuals), and discuss how tying website visitors to your mail or customer file will improve your site conversion and customer experience. In addition to discussing how to accomplish these goals using your existing technology stack, Kurt and Cindy will also simplify more sophisticated audience strategies, including new private data sharing models. To learn more visit https://go.fullcontact.com/customer-recognition-pilot.

    Kurt Hawks, Chief Revenue Officer, FullContact
    Cindy Marshall, CEO, SHINE Strategy

    Track A Tapping into Direct Mail and Print

    Track B True Multi-Channel Digital Marketing

    Track A Session 6 – What Profitable Marketing Channel is Your Brand Missing?
    New hot marketing channels are emerging in a seemingly constant stream. With them comes the temptation to be everywhere your competitors and/or contemporaries are. The real power for your brand growth however, may come from increased investment in your current marketing mix.

    During this session:
  • Learn cost-effective ways to test new marketing channels

  • Adopt an understanding of how to know when investment in your current channels is the best spending strategy.

  • Gain tactics for incremental expansion that supports your eCommerce growth

  • Joaquin Arce, Chief Growth Officer, Bearaby
    Sam Piliero, Director of Marketing, BARK
    Track B Session 6 – Developing Authentic and Resonant Content
    The most authentic messaging about your brand often comes from your current customers. If you create a product that people love and invite them to share their love with others that creates content that truly resonates with potential new customers.

    Michael Bolen, Head of Content, hims & hers
    Nick Ciavarella, Content Director, MeUndies

    In this members-only session, any NEMOA business needing to be acted on will be presented to members and the financials of the organization will be reviewed.

    Steve August, VP, Marketing, Road Scholar

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